People helping Nature. Nature heiping people


Killyon Manor. We want to bring you all closer: Nature helping people, People helping Nature. Less wild parties, more communing with the wild.

photo: Fellipe Lopes

photo: Fellipe Lopes


join us for our first natural residency

Ecologists, artists, activists, writers, media folk, professional and citizen naturalists - join us. Our aim is to support and network committed individuals in getting on with projects or works that help to explain, interpret or protect the Natural World - and preferably all three! You might be just starting out in this, or well on your way.

 For five days and nights, we’ll be your residential workspace and retreat from concrete and complications, distraction and ecological despond. We’ll give you shelter and like-minded companionship in the Manor, amongst the walls of dusty books, lived-in sofas and the old fashioned plumbing of this well-loved Georgian home.

 Our aim is to support you in your daily needs so you can concentrate fully on your project, inspired by our wild sixty-acre estate, woodlands, river and meadows. And we’ll be your bridge to other individuals looking in a similar direction, expecting a maximum of 10 other guests.

Photo: Fellipe Lopes

Photo: Fellipe Lopes

residency daily life

We’ve been cultivating Nature for over a decade here on the wilded estate of Killyon Manor. Now we’re so happy to turn this beautiful environment over to people who are as engaged in the natural world as we are.

You’ll find yourself in a blissful bubble of wild nature in the heart of Meath farming country. These sixty acres today are fizzing with native wildlife – birds, bumblebees, butterflies, wildflowers and more...At its heart stands the Manor, a ramshackle conglomeration of Georgian architecture, alternative thought, romantic history, and eclectic furniture.

 We’ll largely leave you to your own devices, though we’ll be happy to organise outdoor, nature-based pursuits too. Our only demand is you each turn up for an early communal dinner with everyone every evening, for free-wheeling gatherings where we’ll eat heartily, cover mutual ground, pontificate, plan, present and peruse.  What’s not to love?

Have a look around the estate



Photo: Fellipe Lopes

Photo: Fellipe Lopes

food and accommodation

We’ll be providing you with three meals a day and lashings of tea and coffee. Breakfast and lunch will be self-service, while a vegetarian dinner will be around a communal table in the kitchen each evening. We’ll be asking for your help cleaning up after yourselves.

 Depending on numbers, accommodation will be in three shared twin bedrooms and two bathrooms. A private room may be available, if required, for an extra fee. Or bring your own tent!

 The house is not centrally heated, but the big communal kitchen stove is always on, and fires can be lit in the two downstairs reception rooms. Big fluffy duvets and hot water bottles will keep you cosy at night.

Workspaces may need to be communal so they can be adequately heated. If need be, we’ll establish one or two receptions rooms as quiet rooms during the day and just basically make sure there’s enough work space for everyone.

Have a look around the house


Photo: Fellipe Lopes

Photo: Fellipe Lopes


We are pursuing strict recycling and waste systems, anti-plastic, energy and water-efficient policies. All cleaning products are as pure as possible. Hand and bath soaps are handmade. No oil or gas fired central heating, we have pellet and wood-burning stoves only. Our water is solar-heated with a minimal electric back-up. Activities on the land are organic and Leave No Trace.  We’d ask you to fully support us in these objectives. Thank you!


 We’ll also encourage and support lift shares or if you’d like to come here by public transport to Kinnegad, we’re happy to help you with the final five mile leg or cycle it. If you’re feeling energetic, the Royal Canal starts in Dublin and offers an almost complete cycle track to within two miles of the house.

We will ask for a small contribution of E250 per person to help towards food, cleaning and utility costs.


apply now 

Photo: Fellipe Lopes

Photo: Fellipe Lopes


application deadline August 25

Make sure you have the dates available, then just follow the link and fill in the simple form. We can’t wait to hear from you.