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Here at Killyon Manor, we’re re-wilding weddings as we re-wild the land, creating the space for small, relaxed and genuinely romantic alternatives to traditional large weddings, with minimum fuss and maximum warmth. Are you looking for a weekend of runaway love for two, or hoping to have a few friends around? If you’ve no more than 50 people, we’d love to help. Maybe you’re just dreaming of the most romantic woodland setting you can imagine, or thinking you’d like a bit of a party afterwards, with some quirky Big House razamattaz thrown in.

We’ can’t wait to hear from you and show you how easy it can be. Being flexible and non-formulaic is us, so have a look at what we’re talking about, or just get in touch with us right away and we’ll be so happy to figure things out with you.



a woodland ceremony for two to fifty guests

It’s magical, a ruined chapel, in the heart of the Island Wood, with the dappled cathedral cover of a million beech leaves. There’ll be a little rough hewn altar that we’ve bedecked with natural foliage, seasonal flowers from the estate, and a couple of lanterns.

We’ll have cut you a long, grassy path.. a soft, easy walk down the riverbank, through the wild meadow and across the river to the woods. Maybe you’ll get ready in the Manor beforehand and make an entrance, or maybe you’ll just all head down there together.

You might bring along a celebrant to make it legal - or not. You might invite a few extra friends or family …or not. And if it’s just the two of you, we’d be honoured to be your witnesses. We cultivate Nature here - and what’s a wild garden without love?

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photos and a little after-party

Afterwards, we’d love you to take lots of time over your photographs - amongst our rambling trees and ruins, old pigeon house, stunning tattered ballroom, library stuffed with curiosities - and the crumbly walls of Manor itself, tumbling with roses.

Whether you’re two people or fifty, maybe some drinks and nibbles for an hour or two would be nice? We’ll give you the whole of the downstairs at the Manor for this. Mingle in the main hall - and spill outside on a fine day, why not?

Keeping it relaxed, this is a kind of DIY affair. You bring your own food and drink, while we’ll happily lay out all our kit and caboodle, with candles, wild grasses and greenery from the estate. All very natural and lovely.

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self-catering accommodation for six

You’re also so welcome to come and stay the night before, and let us ease you gently into the big day. Or stay the night after, maybe. It’s not a hotel by any stretch, but we have three comfortable, boho bedrooms for you to spread out in, and you’ll get the main part of the Manor to yourselves, kitchen, cinema and all.

The bone structure is quite grand, but within it we’ve survived for decades with a kind of eccentric, crumpled flare. Lived-in sofas, loads of dusty old books and good old-fashioned plumbing. We find people warm to this complete lack of five-star formality.

While you’ll be self-catering and given lots of space and privacy, we’ll also be around to make sure everything’s tickety-boo, and you’ll find we’re a very friendly , helpful lot!

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